Cover Illustrated By,  Edwin Sanchez Chapter One Chapter Two Chapter Three Chapter Four A Selfish Life? is copyright protected and is made available for your enjoyment and may not be reproduced or distributed in any form by anyone other than the Aurthor without the authors express written consent. Chapter Five Chapter Six Chapter Seven Chapter Eight Chapter Nine Chapter Ten Chapter Eleven Chapter Twelve Chapter Thirteen Chapter Fourteen Chapter Fifteen Chapter Sixteen I hope you’ve enjoyed it. Muito obrigado Brasil para compartilhar meu livro!!!! A Selfish Life Blogspot. If you are ever in Healdsburg, CA USA stay in Modra’s home. My next book titled Zarant. It’s a go at science fiction. Subsequent chapters will follow as time permits. Chapter one Zarant is pending copyright confirmation. This work cannot be reproduced or distributed in any form by anyone other than the author, without the author’s express written consent. Again, this is a hobby, so if you have comments or suggestions, they are appreciated. Chapter Two Chapter Three Chapter Four Chapter Five This book is a sci-fi perspective of the “what if” the extremes of  globalization, labor mechanization, and global warming collided in the future. The purpose of this book is for pure entertainment purposes. I hope you enjoy it. Chapter Six Chapter Seven Chapter Eight Chapter Nine I recently completed my fist effort at writing a book titled A Selfish Life. My intention for the book is not to over think the subject of parenthood, but to provide a perspective from couples and individuals who struggle with the status quo and choose a “selfish life” over parenthood.  The journey of Kevin and Modra as they go through life’s stages and then veer off from tradition is a roller-coaster of emotion.  The reader will experience a storm of torment with Modra as she sifts through her life and fights her fears of regret, self-doubt, and guilt; as Julie’s life unfolds along with Modra’s, there will be moments of love and sadness for her as she yearns for a baby she cannot have, and many mothers will identify with Christine as she learns to accept and support her daughter’s teen-pregnancy.  Modra, Julie, Christine, and Veloria, are four close friends who are torn apart and then pulled closer together through the mischief of the uterus.